The Journey to Empowering Patients via Apple Health


The Journey to Empowering Patients via Apple Health

By: Nancye Lahue

This blog post will show how MEDITECH patient data can now be put in the hands of the patient on their iOS devices simply and securely providing access and empowering patients with control of their own medical information.

Hospitals that are currently using or moving to MEDITECH Expanse have an opportunity to allow patients to access their clinical data on their iOS devices within Apple® Health.  This will give patients the ability to bring their medical records together securely from a variety of disparate systems such as the VA or a reference Lab.  Besides the requirement to be on MEDITECH Expanse, hospitals will need to configure their patient portal to allow data to flow from the Patient Portal to Apple Health.  Apple iOS 11.3 or later is required on the end users device.

Apple Health organizes important health information in the Health app and integrates data from an iPhone, Apple Watch, or other third-party device/app. It provides a straightforward, holistic view of ones personal health journey.  This allows one to view all health-related information in one convenient place, monitor long-term trends, or dive into the daily details of a wide range of health metrics.

The review process we provide for our customers includes a comprehensive assessment, focusing on key areas of the Supply Chain Management system, providing insight into:

Apple Health and MEDITECH

  • Apple supports Health Records on iPhone, and brings together hospitals, clinics and patient-gathered health data.
  • The Health app is a secure option for empowering patients to take their health information with them, wherever they go, in a simple and convenient-to-use manner.
  • The feature is currently available on iOS 11.3 or later.
  • Patients can see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose.
  • Health information is secure leveraging Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and standardized API’s.
  • Bi-directional transiting for both clinicians and patients to share information
  • Enable healthcare providers to manage patient identity, link patients across organizations, and facilitate secure data access and exchange beyond one’s own system or community.
  • Vendor neutral platform

MEDITECH Setup Overview

  • MEDITECH EHR at appropriate release and certified by Apple.
  • MEDITECH Patient and Consumer Health Portal active.
  • MEDITECH 6.15 or Expanse test environment topped off after June 15, 2018.
  • RESTful API Infrastructure installed and validated.
  • Completion of the Promoting Interoperability Stage III Consolidated Clinical Care Data (CCD) setup.
  • Adoption of the MU3/Promoting Interoperability Best Practice for CCD.
  • Deploying organization must have an HL7 Organizational Object Identifier (OID).

Apple Setup Overview

  • Register with Apple on their self-service portal
  • Identify brand name and logos
  • Provide list of locations
  • Add administrative, technical, and legal contacts
  • Enter FHIR server information
  • Provide test patient

Completing the Setup

  • Apple will notify MEDITECH that your organization meets the minimum requirements.
  • Apple provides an access code to complete registration.
  • MEDITECH arranges a time to test.
  • Test patient must pass the Apple validation process & the Health Records Directory Listing (HRDL) Agreement must be signed before you can request to go-live.
  • Once the HRDL is signed, you will have access to Apple’s marketing and communications guidelines.
  • Apple lists your organization in the Health app for your patients to access their health records.
  • Follow the guidelines promoting Health Records on iOS to provide access and patient enrollment instructions.

Providing access to ones own health profile encourages people to be more proactive about the quality and accuracy of their own health records.  Access via a mobile device simplifies the auditing of available information and allows people to fill information gaps by supplementing data to providers.  This continues the process by which the patient (customer) is put at the center of the healthcare journey.


As Director of Business Solutions, Nancye manages Business Operations and Security solutions for Engage. Nancye provides direct leadership over the Engage Security team, a unique team of analysts that is 100% focused on user access administration within all versions of MEDITECH, Active Directory and numerous third-party applications. Engage’s Security team operates with strict adherence to HIPAA, HITECH and hospital privacy policies with a disciplined approach to managing role-based profiles and proper access authorizations. Nancye’s leadership in Security Policy has resulted in numerous successful audits within the MEDITECH system. Nancye has an MBA in Health Care Administration.







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