From Chaos to Control: How Exeter Hospital Addressed Their Disaster Recovery Challenges


Disaster recovery (DR) had long been a challenge for Exeter Hospital. Despite considerable investments in infrastructure, resulting in two setups, numerous server racks, multiple manuals, and physical boxes of information hosted in both data centers, there did not appear to be a way for the hospital to complete a successful DR test. 

Having partnered with Engage, a Tegria company, since 2012, Exeter Hospital contracted with Engage to provide a disaster recovery solution with a unique caveat: Exeter’s Chief Information Officer insisted that Engage would be required to complete multiple successful DR tests within a strict timeframe.

Despite inevitable nerves on the day of the first DR test, everything ran smoothly and Engage has continued to deliver successful tests every year since. While other hospitals don’t even attempt DR tests, Exeter Hospital now runs them annually – and with confidence.


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