Introducing rapidexpanse from engage

Achieve 100% EHR independence with less risk, less cost and a faster implementation with RapidExpanse by Engage. RapidExpanse is a fixed fee full-build implementation of MEDITECH Expanse that is cloud-hosted, built, implemented and supported fully by Engage.

With RapidExpanse by Engage, hospitals can have the freedom of owning an advanced web-based EHR platform that is 100% theirs. A system centered on their workflows, completely customizable to the clinical and financial needs of their hospital. The hospital owns complete decision rights; no committees, no pods, and no parent owner-operators.

With over 20 years of experience performing full-build installations of MEDITECH, Engage has streamlined the implementation process significantly reducing the overall effort involved by the hospital by up to 93%.

Over a 7 year total-cost-of-ownership, hospitals using RapidExpanse can reduce their overall EHR costs by 25-40% over a self-hosted, self-implemented system.

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