MEDITECH RESTful-API Development

With MEDITECH’s new RESTful API, hospitals and health systems now have the ability to create solutions to meet all the current and new regulatory demands for “Promoting Interoperability (FKA Meaningful Use stage 3).

Engage’s experienced team of developers and interoperability specialists have been working with this technology since launch and have already helped customers develop solutions using the MEDITECH RESTful API with connectivity to Commonwell.

Engage has solutions today to help hospitals provide:

  1. Third-party imaging Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) validation with the National Decision Support Company (required by January 2020).
  2. DIRECT clinical document exchange with other providers (requires 90 days of reporting in 2019).
  3. Enable patient access via a host of third-party mobile apps and applications (requires 90 days of reporting in 2019).

The Engage development team can design and develop solutions utilizing all of the components required for MEDITECH’s Interoperability API such as:    

  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource standards
  • Argonaut standards
  • RESTful webservice protocols
  • OpenID and oAuth2
  • MEDITECH architecture including traditional HL7 NMI component implementation
  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)

In addition, Engage can setup the necessary MEDITECH screens and workflows that must be configured to support the API sets you plan to leverage.

Engage’s team of custom software developers can also assist in the design, build, testing, and publishing of new custom solutions across web or mobile using this exciting technology. If you have an idea that you would like to bring to life, Engage is ready to assist.


The RESTful API is required to meet the use cases described above. The installation of the RESTful API does involve additional servers and the configuration of load balancing or a proxy server plus new certificates. Engage's infrastructure team can assist with this setup and make this a turn-key solution.

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