Val Verde Regional Medical Center Goes From Defense to Offense With a Remote-Hosted EHR During COVID-19


In late 2019 Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) closed the contract with their previous IT services vendor and made plans to implement MEDITECH in February 2020. It soon became apparent that they did not have sufficient internal resources, personnel, or expertise to successfully execute the implementation in an on-premises environment, so began looking for a remote hosting partner for their MEDITECH implementation. VVRMC decided to partner with Engage, a Tegria company, for remote hosting in Engage’s cloud environment.

Shortly after going live in February, the impacts of COVID-19 were being felt across the country. Only one month into the three-month optimization period for MEDITECH, VVRMC had to reassign hospital rooms and COVID-19 isolation units, changing the billing for those rooms on the fly. By July, the Del Rio region of Texas had a 54% weekly positivity rate for COVID-19. It was clear that VVRMC was in a period of significant disruption – both planned and unforeseen — and had to act quickly.

VVRMC made the decision to significantly accelerate technological adoption and implementation plans. Together, VVRMC and Engage were able to launch both telehealth visits and point-of-care solutions in an unprecedented amount of time.


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